Friday, August 7, 2009

What not to forget

I realized I may be the most disorganized diaper bag packer ever. Maybe I'll actually type out a list of items needed, laminate it, and firmly affix one to each diaper bag.

Every time I leave with the kiddos I manage to forget at least 5 things. That's quite a bit when I'm only out of the house for 2 hours max.

On Monday we packed the kids in to go to Daddy's soccer game. I was all excited to use our new stroller while drinking my Costco mocha... trying to feel like a chic mama. And we get there as the sun is starting to descend. Which means no more sun. And no more warmth. And for a baby in a onesie and a baby in a dress... it may be just a WEE bit cold out. So off to the diaper bags to look for their warm clothes. Uhhhhh. Lil Lady only has another summer dress (cause I think ahead and all) and a couple more short-sleeved onesies. Mr. Ladies' Man has only a couple short-sleeved onesies.

I mutter under my breath that I should have remembered zip up hoodies. Well, it would help if they OWNED zip up hoodies. And pants, huh? Yeah, needless to say I'm a leetle bit scatterbrained.

So what's a Mama to do? Borrow a t-shirt from a fellow fan and have them wrap Lil Lady in it while I affix a onesie to each ARM of our Ladies' Man. Say what you will, but THEY. WERE. WARM. OKAY?!?!?!?

I'll probably get my act together when they're old enough to walk.


Megan said...

Relax! You will forget a million and a half things over the course of their lives, no biggie! I remember one time we went to the mall (or Kohls, which for us is not attatched to the mall) and Skyler had a blow-out in the store. I went to go change him and threw all the poop-smeared clothes in a bag and noticed the the only item of clothing left in his diaper bag was a tshirt...not even a onesie! No pants! And that was the last diaper. Lets just say we went home rather quickly, lol! Oh yeah, and when we took Skyler home from the hospital. He had on a onesie and a coat, no pants (b/c none fit) so we covered him in a warm blanket. Ridiculous b/c it was soooo cold and windy outside, I should have just put the HUGe patns on him! :)
Glad to see you blogging again :)

All about us said...

I know how you feel Bec, been there many times myself! Just the other day I brought Luke to Mom's and forgot to bring his shoes, oops! hahaha

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

This one takes the cake.

I prepped, pureed and packed for a week long trip to Portland to help Mom VG watch C and L's boys when Jude was about 9 months old.

I LEFT ALL HIS FOOD AT HOME!!! I almost cried...actually, I think I DID cry. I had worked for a WEEK freezing extra food and making meals in advance for him. Needless to say, I headed out to the grocery store once we got to Portland.

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