Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coffee in Hand

Since the kids have come... okay fine, since I was pregnant, I have had an overzealous love for tv during the day. It helps that I had a hard time walking around... need I remind you of the gigantic size of my ankles?? After 4 years of marriage, I had finally convinced Dusty to get cable by letting him know I felt it would help Grapenut grow strong and well inside me. Hoorah! But I digress.

One of my new tv pet peeves are the actors who carry around coffee. When I get a nice, hot cup of joe, my first inclination is to grab it with both hands and hunch my shoulders a bit while I inhale a sniff of it and test the hotness. And then I'll carefully set it down because I ALWAYS spill when I walk with coffee. But those actors just flail that cup around like it's nobody's business. They'll see their friend and basically wave with the cup, or they'll be holding it with only 2 fingers while it's tipped almost halfway over. Riiiiiiight.

Or the best is when there's a tray full of coffee... need I say more?

It surprises me that the producers and directors don't notice the simplicity of how much this bugs me. Maybe I should write to them and give them a hint, put piping hot coffee in there so the actors will REALLY learn how to treat that precious cup of wonderful goodness, or just put water in so they'll at least hold it like it's full.


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

That has ALWAYS bothered me. Dude!? It doesn't have to be HOT liquids? Just pour some stinkin water in there so your actors don't look like ditso brains!

Ok, maybe not STINKY water, but yaknow what I meant :)

Anonymous said...

You have a cute blog here. For those of us just learning about your family is there a blog entery you can point me to that will recap and tell it all? Or will you post a sum-it-up-blog for us who are behind the times BUT interested in what you and Dusty have done? Thanks Danya VM

Megan said...

Only someone who enjoys everything about coffee like you do would notice something like this! But, there are a lot of stuff that bug us about shows...specifically cop shows, haha!

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