Thursday, September 10, 2009


Style maven I am not.

Makeup artist... ha!

Hairstylist, not a chance.

One of my favorite shows on tv? What Not to Wear. Go figure.

Dusty and I are heading out tonight with friends for a nice steak dinner, so I'm trying a bit to dress the part of a woman and not a sahm-who-loves-her-sweats-and-her-hair-pulled-back.

It may just be a little more appropriate to wear makeup instead of scoff at it whilst I walk past holding one of my beautiful crying babies. BUT, this is what happened the other day as I attempted this great feat.

Today however is a COMPLETELY different story, I was a tad bit more successful. Instead of spilling my makeup all over the bathroom sink, I decided to apply it to my face instead. And on I go with nothing going too wrong and I decide I'll try to do the smoky eye look. Have I ever done it before, nope. Was I going to exhibit my stubborn behavior and try it, yup!

And now Dust is going out to dinner with a WOMAN who now looks like she has 2 black eyes. Cheers!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yay! You get to go out for dinner! Have fun...even if you DO have two black eyes :)

Megan said...

Oh dear, we may need lessons. ;)

Jagers said...

I love it!! Anything for a mommy pick me up!

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