Saturday, October 24, 2009


Who doesn't like cake, right (other than Dusty.) Two of my favorite shows on tv right now are Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss. The designs are incredible! So I'll give it a try. I figure I've got to be as good as them with absolutely no experience.

I started by making my cake from scratch.

Whoops, you were supposed to see this pic....
Making a mess while getting the fondant "just right".
Mmmmmm, buttercream icing. Oh yeah, it's actually a necessity. Think I'm lying? Try to make fondant stick to a cake then! I love it when you NEED to add more sugar!
And then I dyed the fondant and rolled it out. Obviously I couldn't visualize the size I would actually need. Hmmmmm. Which do you think I am, right brain or left brain??And then there's the icing cake skills I incorporated. I used a tip and brown buttercream icing to make the sand.

(Insert boisterous drum roll.) Here's the cake! And just to try to really impress you with how much time this took... you actually have to dye and roll out tons of fondant when making a colorful cake. When you have to google a color wheel so you can figure out how to make the color purple may explain why I failed art class. We'll just say my kids were a little neglected the whole day (good thing Dust came home early that day)!
Success! Other than the fact that I'm saying happy birthday to someone who apparently only has one foot... we just won't talk about that missing flip flop.And we also won't mention that I just made a beach themed birthday cake in October....


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

It tasted SOOOO yummy and looked awesome! Nice job chica :)

Megan said...

Super duper cute, I'm proud! =) Maybe I will recruit your help for Skyler's next bday cake! =) Like the blog makeover btw!!!

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