Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Okay, so from now on, I'm going to try to structure my life a bit... as well as the blog. We'll see how well this pans out. I, for one, am not holding out much hope.

"Sunday Grace" - I'll include a quote or Bible verse that is great to reflect on.

Grapenut Mondays - I'll try to write about Grapenut.

Queso Tuesdays - I'll write about Queso.

"Wordless Wednesdays" - self-explanatory. But I'll explain anyway; there won't be any words. :) Get it? I'll post a lovely picture that I think words just can't describe.

"Thoughtful Thursdays" - I'll drag you a bit deeper into my life and discuss more serious issues (mostly relating to adoption). There's quite a bit of confusion out there relating to attachment in adoptions, as well as many other adoption issues and comments that it would be nice to inform others of just so you know what the life of an adoptive Mom entails and what the adoption process is like.

And Fridays I think will be my whatever days. And don't ask about Saturdays, I just don't know if I'll be able to sit down at a computer on a Saturday. Of course, I'll probably throw in extra posts about my random musings... because I figured everyone would miss that!

With planning comes a bit more planning. So we'll see if I can handle it. I am also going to make an effort at planning out my days better. I just got to the point that I actually feel awake during the day (novel concept, I know). I can't wait... because also included in this planning phase in my life is planning time for devotions, working out, and eating healthy! With 2 babies I haven't exactly prioritized the rest of the important things in my life, and it's time to get that back!

You know, like, making myself useful during naptime instead of writing blog posts all afternoon....


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I have faith in you! Structure is good...with a bit of wiggle-room, of course :)

Megan said...

Doing the same thing...TOTALLY get it!

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