Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Such a handsome little man

I just love my little guy so much! He has a smile (and laugh) that makes everyone smile! Even the mail lady. She never actually stopped by, I just know she would smile.

We started him going on solids awhile ago and he just LOVES him some food. I don't think he's refused any food we've offered him. This may not be a good sign for the future....

We always fed him in the bumbo because we didn't have a high chair yet. And rather than taking a shower after every feeding, we decided to buy one. My skin was getting dry.

He had a mild tendency to flail his arms about right after he grabbed his slightly regurgitated food from his mouth. Lovely. It's a wonder why half the time I never get ready for the day. Those are the days when my shirts get stained and my makeup gets scrubbed off my face by little people slobbered-on paws.

So now we trap place his arms down below the tray.
Look how clean he is! We had to spend the money to buy the high chair, but are saving even more on soap....


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hee hee, I remember "PLACING" Bubbalu's arms beneath the tray as well. He'd grab the spoon and FLING IT. LOVELY.

Tonight I found rice in Lil Chick's throat folds, on top of her head, and IN HER EAR! Yes, we did baths tonight!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could "place" Skyler's arms beneath the tray, but we bought a cheap high chair and there's a little too much space between him and the tray. NOT so hadny.

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