Friday, November 6, 2009

Have you ever...

... plastered the hair you lose in the shower onto the shower wall??

It really is a most selfless act of love. If I didn't, we would have clogged drains everyday. It is odd, though, that hair is only attractive when it's attached to your head (aside from the oh-so-pretty female 'staches, eyebrows that need a good plucking, and sideburns that make you shudder). Someone loses a hair and it's always extremely delicately lifted off of their shirt with two fingers who don't dare make contact with any other surface.

In my adoring devotion to my husband, I even leave it there for at least a day just to show him I'm thinking of him. Aren't I sweet?

And as a new mom, I have come to realize that I did not escape the beloved time period after having a baby that you lose a LOT of hair. Hello patches of skin, you are not pretty. I'm even starting to match Gabby (minus the mullet). People are now saying "Oh, she definitely looks like her Mom" when they're looking at the back of her head. That doesn't bode that well for me.

My hair is getting so thin, I can't even find a hair tie small enough. It's no wonder new moms cut their hair really short, if not there would be about 15 long hairs with some fuzz on top.

Okay, I am only slightly exaggerating here... but to put it in perspective I called Dust into the bathroom to show him how much hair I lost in one shower and he stopped dead in his tracks and screamed "It looks like a horror movie in here!"

But at least I'm saving us money on Drano, right?


Megan said...

LOL...I'm picturing you as the little dude from Lord of The Rings, holding a lock of hair in your hand repeating, "my preeeeccciiiooouuuusss!" Hahaha! Don't worry, it grows back eventually! Never fun though.

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