Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yay for Bunco Parties!

My sister-in-law had a belated birthday party last week... and I selfishly thought it would be another great time to practice my cake decorating skills.

She decided on a karaoke theme... so I was going to make a big old microphone cake. Then it was changed to a bunco party. Way more colors to work with automatically equals way more fun!

The night before the party, I, being all Ace of Cakes-like, planned out my cake. I sketched it out and picked my colors. Then I made my cakes so I could freeze them overnight. And before I could go to bed, I double-checked my already prepared fondant to make sure I had enough. I had more than enough! It was now 12:45 am and I was tired. Blah.

On the morning of her party, I prepared my fondant details, shaped my cakes, and made my buttercream frosting. (Note to all non-bakers: confectioner's sugar is powdered sugar and NOT cane sugar... I learned that the hard way but didn't feel like making a new batch of frosting, so it was just a wee bit grainy.)

Here's me working ever so diligently on the cake. This was about an hour before it was time to deliver... I had a ways to go yet for the finished product!

And giving credit where credit is due, Dusty made all of the little balls surrounding the cake and made all of the black dots for me. Let's just say I didn't plan my day out as well as I could have and was running out of time (*big surprise in my life, right?!*). But here is the finished product. I found out afterward that my mother-in-law didn't even want anyone to eat it... but it's cake, ya just got to!



BringOurAngelHome said...

So cute...I'm jealous of your skills!

LED Guy said...

I really like your bunco cake. Lighting with LED grow lights would really make the photo stand out.

BringOurAngelHome said...

Where have you been busy mama? I miss your blogs!

Something New Each Day said...

I was browsing blogs, when I came by your's. I love the cake!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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