Monday, November 2, 2009

The ZZ

Introducing the newest member of our family ... (insert drum roll) ... the ZanY zEBrA!!!

Oh yeah. Outfit extraordinaire. What else can ya say about this crazy fun outfit except that once again you can tell his Mama bought it the night before Halloween and really didn't have any choices for an infant outfit (0-6 months and he "fits"!). Hmmmm. Grapenut looks a little scared.

We visited my parents who were babysitting for my sister, so here's one of her chillins, Emmy, with our 2. There will be lots of pics of these 3 in the future as they are all the same age (currently under 1 yo). :) This picture just cracks me up. Grapenut's sleeves are clearly too short and we couldn't even pull the hood up all the way and Queso had the entire lower half of his legs showing (having "hooves" on his knees really confused people); and then Emmy is sitting all cute and purdy over there like a normal baby with a normal Mama.

Here's Queso, Grapenut, and their friend, Ace.

My son is SO smart, he was making zebra noises. Only 10 months, and already a genius!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Love it! Especially the "hooves on his knees really confused people" statement :)

I agree, there will be MANY pics of those three in the future...think soccer team, senior pics....graduation! WOW :)

Megan said...

Super cute! Lil' Chick is missing her costume though!!! =)

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