Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whipped Cream

Mmmm. One of the best things about drip coffee at home is the additions. Creamer is a must, but whipped cream is just as important.

I was at the grocery store yesterday with my own sophie's choice. There was a buy one get one free deal for LIGHT whipped cream, or the fully pack-it-on normal whipped cream with no discounted price. What a dilemma. And what did I choose? The normal, only because you can't justify a light whipped cream even with a discount. Just doesn't work that way.

I bought 2 anyway and pretended at the checkout that I got a good deal and smiled all the way to the car. It was a good day indeed!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello, I'm 14

Okay, so I'm not but I felt that way the other day. Mom M called and asked if I wanted to be pampered. Uhhhh, YES!!!! So she picked me up (after I bought a Starbucks coffee--if you're gonna be pampered, you must go all the way) and brought me with Grandma H to get our nails done. Yay!

Let me tell you, I needed them done. Now as scary and seriously harmful as my toenails are, they didn't compare to my freakishly long pinky nails. Lovely, I know. Rather than cut them, I naturally assume they'll break off soon enough. Unfortunately I freaked out some children the other day with them. Juuuuust kidding, they aren't that bad.

So we get there, and I picked a color out. I was debating between 2 and decided to go for the pinkish color with a bit of shimmer. A bit of a feminine detail that I thought Dust might appreciate. So I get my pampering massage, she finishs the nails, and THEN I stop to look at the color. Oh my goodness, I lost a decade of my life and felt like I coulda joined middle school.

Let's just say that "shimmer" is actually code for "SPARKLES, UH HUH!"

Oh a polling we will go

Okay, so I added a poll to the blog and I would love it if you would vote! So, please just make this preggo lady a bit happier and cast your vote! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Canadian money

Well, I obviously love Canadians, cause I married one... but I sure don't like the currency difference. I made Dust go to the bank the other day (because the couch was calling me to a hard day of nothing), to cash a check from a wedding we videoed in Canada. There was a difference of over $100 after we converted it. I could've just burned the money in front of the bank people. That sure would have sent a message... not a very smart message, but still a message nonetheless.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh cravings, how sweet thou art!

Well, this post is dedicated entirely to cravings. Why? Because I can't stop thinking about em all! Chocolate has been one since the beginning... or it's my dearest excuse why I can now eat it whenever I want and not feel one bit remorseful. I am almost certain it's helping baby grow! In fact, on that note, I'm making brownies today! :)

Then there's the sushi. Not raw, don't you worry! But I just love sushi, it's such a clean fresh taste that doesn't wreak havoc on the system. But then again, we ate sushi all the time before as well, just more of an excuse now to indulge!

And ice water. I can't tell you how many times I've harped on Dust to keep full water bottles in the fridge so whenever I want, I can have ice cold water. It is really frustrating when you have to wait that extra 5 minutes for ice to work it's magic....

So, those are my biggest three cravings. After re-looking at them, I see no point in calling them cravings since I treated them all the same way pre-pregnancy. So, on that note, let's lift our glasses of ice cold water and toast to excuses for eating any food you want! :)

In honor of... last post, here goes the goal to be more frequent in my posts.

It seems as though pregnancy has such ups and downs. 3 weeks ago I couldn't sleep on my side because my legs ached for the entire morning after. Boo. Then there's the waking up at 4 with a pounding headache that even a movie won't cure (well, Tylenol PM sure did help though). Boo. Then there's the elation of reading each week all the new things that are growing and developing in our baby. Yay! And there's the fact that the entire back sides of my leg up to my lower back seem to have swollen like I was stung by about 357,000 wasps. Boo. And then all the more tears that I seem to cry... especially over abortion now because it is just so clear that we are humans the instant conception happens. But then there's the elation over knowing that you just scheduled your next ultrasound appointment -- the big one where we get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Which is where I'm at right now!

Our ultrasound is for Feb. 6 and we're taking Dust's little sister, Daphnee (12 yo) with us so she'll get to see the baby and find out before anyone else what it is. :)

We've been asking, do you think it's a boy or girl? Dust thinks, hopes beyond hopes, that it's a boy... I've thought from the beginning it's a girl so I'm sticking with that. Any guesses???

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