Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marriage Prerequisite

(Insert a spoon, a baby bottle, and a plate and you have our dishwasher...never mind that ours is white and about 17.85 years older than this brand new one.)

One of the things I wish I had known before I had gotten married was how my husband-to-be loaded the dishwasher.

I kid you not.

I pride myself in being an ultimate packer so as not to leave any dishes remaining on the counter (well, when I actually make it into the kitchen). I put some in, take some out, rearrange, and spend entirely too much time figuring out the best dynamics so the dishes fit well, utilize the space, and will still get clean. Ooooo, it is a science I tell ya.

But when it's not me who does the dishes I'll find cups spaced out, maybe a bowl thrown in here and there, or a baby bottle laying around. No rhyme or reason to the degree of difficulty and time it should take to property load. I mean, C'MON!

What really grates my cheese is when I open the dishwasher and find that we basically just steam cleaned all of the little pegs inside, oh, and 3 dishes.

BUT, then again, the amount of times I actually do the dishes is so few and far between that I should just put those 3 clean spoons away and smile.

Oh, and if you buy your detergent from Costco, do NOT buy their "green" liquid detergent. I scrubbed our dishes and they still ended up dirty after they came out of a cycle. Yikes. When I returned it and told the lady it didn't even polish them, she just laughed. Basically every bottle they sold was returned.

So moral of the story, I'll just continue my run of staying out of the kitchen (for cleaning AND cooking) and put a smile on my face as I take a knife to our granulated detergent that is now one large chunk (just so I can say I helped a little).


BringOurAngelHome said...

LOL! Nathaniel is the expert loader in this house, but he doesn't complain if I do. But if he finishes loading a load I started, he rearranges it all! =) I'm just nutty about having a separate cubby for the spoons, forks, knives, ect.
By the "green" detergent do you mean the one in the green bottle? Or is the liquid actually green? Cuz we have the green bottle and it has been working great for us. Hmm...

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