Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've SPREAD out the choices for you to pick

Alrighty, so I'm redoing our bedroom *ahem* finally. I've chosen the vastly popular color palette of black, grey, white, and YELLOW! Hello! Pops of color, you are my friend!

Normally not a fan of the stark brightness of yellow, but I'm going on a limb and shooting for an awesome array of patterns, projects, and curtains to spectacularly fill our room!

I've run head on into a jam(b) that I just can't get out of though. So I thought I'd lend a hand to the blogging community and see what you all think.

The first item up for potential purchase is the simple softness of gray and white. It doesn't tie in black very well, but there will be black throughout the room in various patterns. Does it look like this belongs in the room of a nearing 30 year old or that of a nearing 13 year old? JUST want to make sure....
And this one I LOVE!!!! BUT, I'm expecting late night sick kids, milk, crumbs, snot, etc. as a likely probability... so do you think I could keep this clean?? Can you bleach something if it has more than just white in it? (I am a leetle bit domestically challenged, so bear with me?!) But a pop of some yellow sheets and pillows would be quite spectacular!
And while I was perusing Target's website, I came across this one, which I kinda liked, but mostly didn't, but thought I could work with it, but kinda didn't want to.... ....
And while I was googling it, I came across this next one, which I TRULY LOVE THE BEST!!!

I felt like I was slapped upside the head when I read it's "Currently Unavailable". Nooooooooooo. The boldness of the not-too-intricate pattern draws me to it so much... so can anyone find me one like this or should I stick with option #2?HELP MEEEEE!! Or at least let me know your thoughts!


MamaMimi said...

Here's the one I was thinking of....but you probably already saw it:

MamaMimi said...

Umm...okay apparently my first one didn't show up?!
My favorite is option number two, although I would stick with grey or white sheets (grey jersey sounds soo cozy right now, doesn't it???) and yellow accent pillows. You want your primary color to be 60% in the room, the secondary color to be 30% and the accent color (in your case yellow =P) to be only 10% to make it proportionately appealing....does that make sense? Just my two cents.
I do think the first one is really pretty and simple too and would work fine with black.
Also...I hear ya with the white....I would HAVE to choose CREAM for us...but what do I do, I'm in love! That being said, you could spot treat it with oxy, or if need by bleach. You probably wouldn't want to throw an entire comforter in the wash though.
Okie dokie....hope I helped and didn't offend! Love your choices and your design concept! =)

MamaMimi said...

I also really liked this one in the store...but it might be a little exotic for your taste. But I don't know...

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

I have a hard time with the first one in that I don't think there's enough going on with the pattern. I'm so weirdly picky, I want pattern, but it has to be bold, but not too much, etc. I dunno. And the last one I like the colors, but it's too small of a pattern within the big one... that make sense?
AND I love that you gave me %s, that'll actually help me kind of visualize what is going where. :) Thanks!

Through the Sea Glass said...

hmm, the first and third are my favs. But ESPECIALLY the first.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I like the first one! Lindz

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