Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recipe for success: Geriatric Shoes

Welcome to me on a good day.  Just switch out the one baby for 2 VERY active toddlers, add in a purse, and take out a couple of the essential items that should have been in the diaper bag and leave those at home.

But oh my.  I cannot even explain how much I have gotten done around my house in the last 2 weeks.  And dare I say that marks the day I got these beauts??  So, apparently my recipe to success is not measured as most (ahem) normal people's is.

Granted, I count my day a success when:
  • I get makeup on my face.  (Even if I put it on at 7:30 pm right before I head out the door to do some late night grocery shopping.)
  • I brush my teeth before noon.  Yah, not even joking.
  • I can walk through my house without tripping on toys, clothes (that were folded but strewn haphazardly by two angelic creatures across the room), shoes, etc.  And I just said tripping, that doesn't even count what I have to step on just to get there.
  • my kids get milk at all meals... you would not BE-LIEVE how many last minute runs I have to make to the store because we run out.
  • my kids don't cry as I put them down for a nap EVEN WHEN they were just laying on the floor with their eyes closed because they were so tired.  Yeah right, crying is inevitable.  I've learned that something might actually be seriously wrong if I can still hear them by the time I'm down the hall.
  • I actually find where my cell phone is before noon (and 3 missed calls--most always from Dust, but we don't have to get into my lack of telephone skills right now).
  • When I get changed out of my pjs before 3.  This gives me a good 2 hours during the afternoon nap to eat lunch, do a bajillion house things, AND get dressed.  Guess which doesn't get accomplished!

Okay, but honestly, I actually have been incredibly productive.  I've branched out and made 4 meals in the last week.  Okay, not a lot for most super moms out there, but seriously, I have barely even cooked that many in my married life.  And. I'm. Not. Even. Joking.

I have jumped at the chance to do dishes, clean the counters, clean the bathroom, create a little Mommy Zone room, clean our bedroom, daily straighten up the kids' room, get laundry finished AND PUT AWAY (hardest part), and even make our bed.  I know?!

Just would like to put it out there though that if anyone wants to come and mop my floors, I haven't gotten around to that in a really long time.  (I'll give a hug to whoever offers free of charge!  Disclaimer: Tears of joy may also be included.)

If anyone would like to know where my shoesthatfillmefulloflife came from so they too can have success at home, you just let me know!


MamaMimi said...

On those days when I feel like I got NOTHING accomplished (and YES, I am aware that the number will multiply by 1000 once Lil Miss comes home) I love my husband for reminded me that I still lived up to HIS expectations: he came home to his wife and child who were both fed and alive! =D
I think you are SUCH a great mom! Just think how much time "super-moms" (if they really exist) miss out on with their kids ;)

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