Friday, October 8, 2010

Uhhh, my kids are scared of my shoes.

So we have all seen the commercials for the isotoning shoes that look strangely like geriatric rubber-soled, velcro-strapped shoes.

The idea behind them makes sense... I get that.  But really, is this the best that Sketchers could come up with?

C'mon... they're like Lugz, but not.

So then I found me some that I could live with....  And those are the Reebok EasyTones.
Thank you Reebok for shaping a normal looking shoe that also *cough* shapes me!  BUT, this isn't exactly the shoe I ended up with.  I was given the following shoes by someone who they didn't work for (I won't say who) that are STRICTLY for wearing around the house.  Here is why:

Uhhhhh, yeah.  I lifted up my pant leg and Grapenut gasped in surprise.  It was a shocker for her; no high heels or pointed toes.  My little one-year-old fashionista sighed in disgust and walked away from me.

BUT (no pun intended), the good thing is that they work because after wearing them all around the house yesterday doing chores, the scale was in my favor today!

The bummer (again, no pun intended) is how fast you have to be at ripping them off when someone rings the doorbell so they won't see you wearing them....


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Haha! They are hideous! But if they help your BUTT more power to ya sister! :)

MamaMimi said...

I DEFINATELY would stay indoors with those, but good work on multi-tasking at home! =D

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