Thursday, November 4, 2010

The childproof diaper

If the invention isn't out there and isn't illegal, I will be rich.  Good night, do I need one of those.

As I do every night, I checked in on Grapenut and Queso to make sure they're breathing, sleeping, and not too warm/cold.  I snuck in their room and peered in on Grapenut (her crib is first) and noticed there was a diaper laying on her... don't judge how long it took me to realize it wasn't hers, because I stared at that thing for quite awhile.

Then I look in Queso's crib.  Buck naked and sleeping like a baby with his knees tucked in and his bare bum stuck straight in the air.  Hilarious!

But it also had me curious what was to come.  Up until now he hasn't cracked the code of the diaper's velcro straps.  And he still hasn't.  He slid it off.  Thank my lucky stars there was no poo.

Except that today there was.

I look in his crib: nakedness.  I look in Grapenuts: nothing seemingly abnormal.  I get Queso out only to see smears of a brownish substance smeared on the back rungs of his crib (which, when understanding that their cribs are back to back) puts a pang of worry into my already faster beating heart.  Then I see smears on her crib.  Then I see a diaper in between the cribs on the ground.  Then I see the smears all over her mattress pad and clothes.  AND ONLY THEN do I see the little poo nodules strewn haphazardly throughout their room.

Oh what a lovely sight that was.  And you can't really vacuum it up (I'll let you use your imagine on that one).  Yuck.

I am just dreading the day it's not solid....


MamaMimi said...

Oh NO!!!! Monkey has only got as far as to pull the velcro off ONE side. Hopefully we'll have him potty trained before he gets any further and FORTUNATELY the winter months are coming upon us meaning ZIP UP PJS!!!! OH dear...good luck my friend!

Jodi West said...

No No No...that is funny and not so funny at the same time! Kaden has still never taken his off....thankfully! A childproof diaper would be good :)

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