Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've SPREAD out the choices for you to pick

Alrighty, so I'm redoing our bedroom *ahem* finally. I've chosen the vastly popular color palette of black, grey, white, and YELLOW! Hello! Pops of color, you are my friend!

Normally not a fan of the stark brightness of yellow, but I'm going on a limb and shooting for an awesome array of patterns, projects, and curtains to spectacularly fill our room!

I've run head on into a jam(b) that I just can't get out of though. So I thought I'd lend a hand to the blogging community and see what you all think.

The first item up for potential purchase is the simple softness of gray and white. It doesn't tie in black very well, but there will be black throughout the room in various patterns. Does it look like this belongs in the room of a nearing 30 year old or that of a nearing 13 year old? JUST want to make sure....
And this one I LOVE!!!! BUT, I'm expecting late night sick kids, milk, crumbs, snot, etc. as a likely probability... so do you think I could keep this clean?? Can you bleach something if it has more than just white in it? (I am a leetle bit domestically challenged, so bear with me?!) But a pop of some yellow sheets and pillows would be quite spectacular!
And while I was perusing Target's website, I came across this one, which I kinda liked, but mostly didn't, but thought I could work with it, but kinda didn't want to.... ....
And while I was googling it, I came across this next one, which I TRULY LOVE THE BEST!!!

I felt like I was slapped upside the head when I read it's "Currently Unavailable". Nooooooooooo. The boldness of the not-too-intricate pattern draws me to it so much... so can anyone find me one like this or should I stick with option #2?HELP MEEEEE!! Or at least let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I must be famous, I've been featured

Woo hoo, my picture cubes were featured on TipNut! Numero 7 on the list baby!

Thank you TipNut, I appreciate it!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

I never had a horrible pregnancy, but it did come with its ups and downs (the scale numbers and the deswelling of my ankles afterward, respectively). I have learned SO much in the last year, too bad a year's worth of sleep deprivation made me forget most of it....

One of the things I did learn though was about the overall experience of pregnancy. I'm not one to advocate strongly of my love for being pregnant (or the newborn infant stage), but I grew so much (emotionally, physically, and mentally) because of it. Having a sister-in-law in her last trimester has gotten me thinking again about all of the little quirks of having a life grow inside of you.

One of the greatest joys of my life was feeling Grapenut's little body moving all around inside of my belly. She'd kick her little feet and jam them as high into my ribs as they could go and as I'd gasp for breath, I'd push on her little bum to have her shift to a different position. And then I would race to the bathroom as she plunked her entire little self on my bladder.

It was an experience I will never forget. Giving birth was an experience as well; my stubborn little lady decided to make me push for 3 hours. Good night, I was so ready to just see her it was a shame I could hardly open my eyes afterward because they were nearly swollen shut.

But I really wouldn't have given up experiencing any of that! It is amazing that as soon as I became a parent, I had a new-found knowledge of who I was as a person. I have never been more confident of who I am or what I look like had I never been pregnant and experienced the life-changing event that occurred inside of me.

To those who ask me about getting pregnant again and you hear an earful about Adoption... never think it's not that I don't truly cherish the fact that God blessed me with the gift to grow Grapenut inside of me!
It is truly a miracle!

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