Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alarms and wipes

Give me 1 minute and I'll fully explain the connection.

As I was sitting down to my breakfast (at 11 am... I was HUNGRY), the alarm on my phone went off.  As confused as I was, I checked it just to make sure it wasn't anything important.  Oh my goodness, doctor appointment in 45 minutes.  YIKES!  I literally inhaled my breakfast, poured coffee into a travel mug, set my keys, purse, coffee, etc. out by the door, picked out the kids' clothes (which happened to be setting out from the laundry I have yet to put away), and barrel into their room in hopes of easily dressing them and zipping out the door.

But Queso had mightily different plans.  As this Mama ONCE AGAIN forgot to tape her son's pants on, he was sleeping buck naked with random splotches of goodness smeared everywhere.  Lovely.  TMI for some of you, but just wait til you're a parent, your therapy will involve sharing the information too. Just wait.

So being that I had no extra time for baths, I'll just say that we nearly blew through our stash of wipes in getting him clean.  I almost sprayed cologne on him, but he didn't really smell... unless I was just too accustomed to it by that point.  I got him dressed, had him sit on Grapenut's crib, and got her dressed and ready to go.  Came back in the room, decided I didn't like Queso's shirt, switched it, got their hair done, shoes on, and out the door.  Phew.

I walked into the waiting room to hear the receptionist say, "Oh, you're all matching in your green, good for you!"  Being that it was St. Patrick's Day and I had NO CLUE, I was just as impressed as she was.  We were all in the same tones of green even, we just won't say what I was actually wearing, because it didn't even cross my mind to look before we left.

And, if that wasn't impressive enough, I was a whopping 5 minutes early, holla!  It is odd when the expression "I'm early, is that okay?" erupts from my mouth; even more odd when I have a goofy smile attached to it as I'm chuckling to myself.


MamaMimi said...

Oh Becca!!! Hahahaha...I'm sorry to laugh at your expense...but I think you'll be able to laugh at this SOMEday! =)

Sallie said...

Good thing your babies are cute :) Glad you can stay reasonably composed with all their antics! Love y'all!

Anonymous said...


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