Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunco Temp

Let me first say that anyone who needs a sub for bunco, I'm game!

I had such a fun night yesterday.  My friend Alisa invited me to fill in for her Mom's bunco group yesterday.  So I dutifully checked first with Dust, got a hold of him 3 hours later, and happily replied I could!

I had played a LONG time ago, so the rules weren't exactly fresh in my mind, but since I know how to recognize numbers on a dice, I was good to go!  It was fun to meet new people.  I ended up meeting an awesome woman of God who has adopted 5 kids through the foster system, after having 3 naturally.  WOW!  Of course there were tears involved in that conversation!  But just how neat it is to run into people who have such a similar heart for adoption.  As Dust and I are open to wherever God calls us to adopt from next, it was great to talk with her about her experiences.

I won 2 categories (woot woot) but only spoke up about winning one.  But I left feeling rejuvenated.  It was great to meet new people, but even greater to see a person sitting across the table who I hope to be like someday... a woman dedicated to God, where He calls, and a Mom to many!


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