Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coupon failure

Have you ever ran out of milk, coffee, AND creamer at the same time?  It not, then you don't know how desperate I was to get to the store sans kids.

So I grab my coupons, make my list, and zip off to the grocery store in desperation as I try to be home by 8:30 am so my husband can leave for work.  I get there and drive my cart right past the coupon stand, glancing in to make sure I have the correct week.  Yup, they must've just made two different covers this week.  No time to stop, gotta keep going.

Grab my items, find my chocolate that's on sale, and off I go to checkout.  Phew.  I'm going to make it.

"Ummm, this coupon isn't ringing up."  After a bit of looking and haggling (and a line starting to form behind me) the cashier asks "Is that the right week?"

"Oh yup, I checked it before I left.  See, March 6-12.  (Insert semi-long pause.)  Ohhhhhhhhh. Whoops.  My bad. I'm SO sorry."

"Do you still want these items?"

"I'm so sorry, but no.  WAIT, leave that chocolate in there though. Thanks!"  So off I went with my head hung low realizing I really need to get a grip on calendar dates even though it has already been burned into my head what week we're in with all of the deadlines I had for the 15th.  But at least I have milk for my kids, coffee and creamer for me, and most important, chocolate for breakfast.

Oh, and no, Fred Meyer does NOT make 2 covers for their weekly coupons... shoulda been my first clue.


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