Wednesday, March 30, 2011


With summer coming up, I'm getting just a *tiny* bit excited to be outside again and got all excited when I saw this.

Okay, yes I see how handy you would be as drink holders.  But let me run down a list of questions I have.

A. Can I attach you to a lounge chair?  Hello layout season... I won't be basking on a picnic table.

B. Can you handle the weight of a child sitting or standing on you?

C. Will the clips stand the test of time and last me longer than a week?

D. Can you zap anyone who tries to take a drink except me?

E. Can you attach to my purse somehow so I could take mochas with me wherever I wanted... even if I don't have a free hand?

F. Could you possibly lower your price to $3.95 for the set of 4?  I'm dutch.  Paying $4.95 just doesn't seem worth it to me.  I would much prefer under a dollar for each one.

That's it for now, but I will have more questions for you later!


MamaMimi said...

Great questions...let me know when you get the anwers! =)

BTW - I thought it WAS a lounge chair at first and got really excited. But I don't really see the purpose of clipping your drinks to a table rather than resting them on top?? Maybe its just me, but THAT seems silly, right?!?

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Yep, pretty sure my kiddos would steal those in about 25 seconds!

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