Monday, March 21, 2011

Endless Organizing

There are times as a mother when you feel overworked.  One of those times for me would be when I have just reorganized every single clothing item in their room and they decide they don't like the look of their carpet so they feel the need to cover it with ALL of their clothes.

When I talk organizing, I don't just mean putting things away haphazardly and shoving things in drawers.  I have their drawers organized by item (shirts, pants, shorts, pjs, etc), but then I take it a step further.  Bordering on OCD, I then organize by color, and then I separate out short-sleeved onesies from long-sleeved onesies, fleece zip up pjs from 2 piece pjs, and the list goes on.

Believe it or not, their closet is worse.  Any top that isn't a onesie gets hung up.  Everything is organized first by tank tops, then short-sleeved shirts, then long-sleeved shirts, then hoodies, and finally coats.  Then among those sections feel free to insert places for long and short sleeved button downs, because they belong in categories of their own, separate but still connected to their less formal sleeve-length buddies.  Oh, and don't forget this is ALL organized by color.  They even have their own color for hangers (as do Dust and I actually).

NOW, before you think I've completely lost it.  Come over to my house sometime and see for yourself if it ever actually looks like that for more than 1 day. :(  Sadly, it does not.  This is also why I flip a lugnut every time my poor husband tries to put things away.

You may think I'm crazy but it's my method of madness that keeps me down to a 1 hour get-out-the-door timeframe.  And that's on a good day.


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