Friday, March 25, 2011

Goal: $40 for a brand new blingin' outfit, can it be done?

If you think you know me, you won't truly understand me until you realize what a thrill it is for me when I save money.  Or when I get a spectacular deal.  So can we make our goal today, and still be a fashionista?  Can we please not spend $5,000.00 on a new wardrobe (even though I would love it if someone would submit an entry for me at What Not to Wear) and still look cute while appropriately flattering our body types?

Alright, so we'll first start off with the basics... gotta have some jeans.  We'll start with the $7.00 jeans from Target (click here to find out how to get them for that price); either the skinny jeans, or the boot cut... personally I would advise most women toward the boot cut as it is typically more flattering, but you can choose depending on the type of shoe you wear what works best.

Then we'll move on toward something all women should wear: a top of some sort.  This one is currently $2.99 at Wet Seal.

And because I live in a city that rarely stops raining, let's get some sort of warmer attire thrown in here.  We'll throw in a splash of feminine flair and sheen for a splurge item of $15.99.  You know you're cheap when a splurge item costs $15.99.  Yeah, I know.  So far we are at $25.98... and we still have to accessorize... stay with me, we can do this.
Okay, let's get those feet-a-walkin... in these a-DOR-able pumps for a mere $10.49.  Hello?!  Can't go wrong there.

And of course I didn't forget jewelry.  So here's a little bling bling for ya.

This statement ring rings up for only $2.99.
Or for $1.00 more you could always get this one, or BOTH!  (For our sake, we'll only count the first one in the mix, just because I like it more.)
And because these bad boys are sold out...

because they were ONLY FIFTY CENTS(!!!!!!), I am choosing these replacements... still cute at $5.99, plus they tie in the jacket well enough to bring this outfit from a daytime look to a "Hey Hon, let's get us a sitter and go out to dinner tonight."

So now we're at a total of $45.45.  Hold the phone, here.  If I recall, our goal was $40.00.  I am just that determined, so stay with me.  If you all haven't experienced the wonder that is Ebates, let me personally invite you.  You get paid to shop, now THAT is shopping therapy!  For even signing up, you will get $5.00 added to your account (plus I will for referring you, and you'll in turn get $5.00 for every friend you refer).  THEN, if it couldn't get any better than a FREE $5.00, you get a percent  back at stores you would normally shop at anyway.  So, Target and Wet Seal are at 3%, while Sears is at 2% which would lower our total (including your FREE $5.00) to $39.23.  Sha-blam baby!  Welcome to my world of clearance shopping.

Anything you would add or take away from this outfit?


MamaMimi said...

One question {because I would SURELY get it from my husband} - did you add in tax???

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