Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a giveaway!!

Okay, so really it's more like a "Can anyone actually use this and if so, you can have it!"  Hoorah!

I delved deep into organizing/cleaning mode today to conquer the ever problematic tupperware drawer.  Yikes.  Turns out I have about 7 "bowls" and about 14 lids that just don't match.  But there was one that I saw promise in.

Everyone knows about tupperware products, right?  Well, for those that don't, I'm nearly 100% certain that they come with a lifetime guarantee.  Let's say it gets dragged through the mud outside by a toddler, and you run it through your dishwasher and it happens to get mangled, you can contact a distributor to get a new lid.  Or something along those lines.  And no, this didn't happen to this lid, just can't match it to a partner in crime.  I'm not trying to sell you anything, don't worry.  BUT, I did find a lid that I have no clue what it belongs to, but thought maybe someone out there in blog land might have it's mate.  Slim chance I know, but after a week straight of blogging, my brain couldn't come up with anything else to blog about, so there you have it?!

Here's a pic of the lid.; it's a rounded 7x7", item #839-17.

And to all you perpetual recyclers, you'll be proud to know the extra, lonely, cheap uncommitted comrades are all in my recycle bin.


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