Tuesday, March 15, 2011

McDonald's Disappointment

Well, I thoroughly disappointed my kids today.  I got them dressed for the morning, had them pick out which boots they wanted to wear, and this Mama got ready before 11 (am or pm--it's still impressive folks).  And we hustled out the door for a "drive".

When we pulled into the McDonald's parking lot I heard squeals of laughter and "Gramma", "Nana", and "Jude and Emmy" floated up to me in the front of the car.  When I pulled into the drive-thru, it kinda confused them.  So I told them this trip was for Mama today.

When you run out of creamer AND COFFEE at home it's time to make a coffee run.  And since i had gift cards to McD's, that's where I was going to get my morning jolt.  When I ordered more than one, I think it just confused the kids more.  Then I heard "Nummys" from the back and had to remind them, "Nope, this trip was for Mama."  I didn't feel the need to say that it was Mama's selfish trip for coffee alone and that I didn't see the point in buying overpriced chicken nuggets for the car ride home since we have some in our freezer.  I tried reasoning with them when they were under a year old and I was sorely defeated, so I musta just given up trying.

But here's some pictures where they actually got to enjoy McD's. :)  See, I'm not always selfish.


MamaMimi said...

Hahahaha!!!! Yeah I can never seem to get away with buying a treat for myself and not for my monkey....those little turkeys KNOW! =D

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