Monday, March 28, 2011

My purse weighs more than my kids

So I was perusing my daily deal websites, and found this -- buy 2 for $7.00 with free shipping.  Suh-weet!

I love this idea.  If you have ever looked up a study at what carries the most bacteria, the bottom of a woman's purse is usually in the top 2.  So this makes sense.

My one question would be: Is there a weight limit associated with how much these can hold?

Let me just say that my purse is slightly larger than most women's.  It's a tad larger than a diaper bag.  And when people stop me when I'm out with my kids and tell me I'm so smart because I have combined my purse AND diaper bag, I smile and nod, and then walk away wishing there was yet a bigger purse out there so I could actually do that.

I carry everything in there from essentials (cell phone, lip gloss, coupons, and food), to less essential but still necessary (money, wallet, etc.).   I even haul gifts, books, mail, kleenex (only the travel pack size, c'mon), or jewelry.  And don't judge, but there has been the rare, sleep-deprived occasion when I've picked up my purse thinking it was my child because of the weight, and vice versa (it just doesn't work as well to sling your child over your shoulder and walk into a store... people give you weird looks).

You know you're a Mom when you only have to carry your purse for 10 minutes and you already have indents on your shoulder.  Sometimes I have to do a double take in the mirror because I think I'm starting to look a little uneven.  (Note to self: Switch purse to other shoulder next time... spice it up a bit.)

I think the worst indication my purse is a tad large is that it triggers the weight limit on our front seat and the seatbelt sign starts flashing.  Hmmmm.


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