Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Packing with Toddlers 101

So why could I not have received advice from ANYONE that you NEVER assume you'll be out of your house the night you plan?  I only say that because after my grand assumption I realized every single diaper in our house was packed up and moved out.

This of course would be the time that my son decides to have "fun" and smear a "substance" around his room, crib, Grapenut, etc.  Bath time it is!  And of course, Grapenut doesn't want to be left out, so in she goes.  Now let's journey back.

Blow out.





The possibilities are endless at this point.  We could leave them in the bath for the next hour.  We could put them in big kid undies except they are all packed.  We could wrap a towel around and pin it.  We could let them go commando... no, WAY too weird.

I left Dust to do the brainstorming on that one and hopped in the car to go grab our stash of diapers (and a coffee, because yes, I packed that too).  It was turning out to be a great morning.

As I was driving away I remembered I normally kept my emergency-blow-out-have-to-have-SOMETHING-care-kit in the car so I searched high and low for it and found it.  Success.  Except no diapers.  Failure.  Then I opened a flap, and voila, 2 diapers.  Size 1.  Success, with a twist of failure.  Let me reiterate that I have 2 toddlers... they may both be in the 10% weight category as other kids their age, but they are no size 1.

But who cares?!  The each had a diaper!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Bling Effect

What is your ration of jewelry? Your normal allotment, shall we say?  For a Mom on the go, I'd venture so far as to say Lady Gaga-ing it up is a bit too much.  I would give about a 1.2 second delay for those to be ripped from my neck and in about 632 pieces from the moment my kids saw it.  But at least she didn't overdo her earrings and kept it to ONE statement piece this time. 

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And while tasteful, still a bit much for the grocery store.
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Kinda creepy. If you don't feel you can pull off your own jewelry, it doesn't mean you should let your babies wear them!
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Have YOU ever done the mid-arm cuff?  And pulled it off?  With compliments? 

I sort of have my go to standards.  If my hair is up, nine times out of ten I'll be sporting earrings.  And if I'm wearing earrings, then I'll maybe have a bracelet on.  But I rarely ever combine earrings and a necklace.  Most of my necklaces are quite loud and almost literally speak for themselves, so it's usually going overboard if I double up.

But with that being said, at the time being I have about 10 items that are out of commission.  We'll just say I have 2 toddlers and leave it at that.

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