Monday, October 31, 2011

Always at least a step behind

The life of a SAHM can sometimes feel as though I'm constantly 3 steps behind in life.

Oh, that birthday party... whoops.
Should have went to the bank today... missed that.
Ran out of food?  Shoot.

It's "funny" that even when I have extremely productive days, I can look around and wonder if anyone would even notice what I did.  But hello, there is now no more gunk around my bathroom sink drain. So there.  And that lonely sock pile that I happened to ignore for 3 months... they are paired and happy.

You get the idea.  So, because I have so much free time, I thought I would make a template for my newest idea to get me back on track... introducing my Mommy Master To-Do List.  I saw a similar template on Pinterest, but decided I wanted it a bit cuter.  So here it is.

Of course, feel free to print this out yourself... or if you're really fancy, have it laminated so you can continually update it.   OR if you're REALLY smart, just stick it in an empty frame and write on the glass with a dry erase marker.

There you have it.  I may have just wasted entirely too much time on this, but maybe it'll save you time!


Tausha Caldarella said...

Great idea! I do this! :) When my list gets too big, it reminds me to slow down. :) God always reminds me that He didn't intend for me to get so busy that I lose sight of Him and what matters. :)

Taylor said...


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