Friday, February 10, 2012

We don't mess around in this house.

You may be under the impression I might be talking about a mess. Or a discipline tactic. Or cleaning.

But, it's all about whipped cream.

Yeah, it's kind of a staple in our house.  Especially when Safeway sells it as BOGO free.

So my kids are "potty training" right now (yes, that was in quotes... no, you may not ask why). We have fully implemented gummy bears as the sugary incentive.  Caution: this plan does backfire once you run out of said gummy bears.  And instead of packing up the kids, heading to Costco to fight my way past the hordes, sweat about a pound of water as I say "excuse me" (cause I'm polite like that) and "excuse you" (yeah, I say that to the rude ones... but quietly so they can barely hear) while wrenching my cart in a hundred different directions, and making my way to the candy aisle only to then have to enter into a 7 person, 8 cart line while my kids tell me it's too late.  Not worth it.

So off I go in search of some sort of candy in our house.  Chocolate doesn't work. I imagine it actually would, but I don't like to share. Ummm, oooo, is that whipped cream I spot?


Worked like a charm.  After my chicklets used the potty chair and cleaned their lil hands, they barely gave themselves time to get fully dressed before they were at the fridge with their mouths open.

I finally made it back to Costco (much to the dismay of my kids), and although they like the gummy bears, one of my little chicklets is potty trained while the other is **sigh** "potty training".

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