Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick as a cat

...or a fruit fly. My have I been killing fruit flies left and right, up and down, sideways, behind my head, with my hand, with a zapper, and with a swatter. We have been officially attacked by the bug for over a month. WOW! Our house has no place available where one of those suckers could live, yet they keep finding ways to multiply and restrengthen their enemy lines. It's maddening! They'll come out of the fridge when I open it... shouldn't they DIE IN THERE???

We have 2 rooms that are being hit the hardest: our kitchen of course, and (go figure) our bathroom. Why our bathroom? Oh that's right, Dust likes to eat in the shower so that is one of their official battlestations. They are now also swarming under the sink. Everytime I open a drawer or the cupboard at least 3 fly out.

Oh, I am nuts though when I have a swatter in my hand. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I slam one of them against the mirror. Speaking of my victories, it actually has gotten harder and harder to look myself in the eye... but only because I need to clean the mirror. There are currently about 37 squashed critters awaiting their windexed funeral session.

Any ideas about how to rid my house of them for good, other than standing arm with a flyswatter ready to attack the battle lines?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pancakes, muffins, and granola

I will only eat one of the above for breakfast. My ever steadfast granola. I am by no means "granola" but I sure do enjoy it! It's pretty sad when even the FedEx guy has to ask about it. He stopped in twice last week to drop off 2 packages, and when he left the 2nd time, he paused and said, "So is granola a staple for you EVERY morning?" I smiled, "Uhhhh, yup!"

This morning my Dad's side of the family met for breakfast... so I went while Dust worked (at least I had a good morning!). :) And I had already decided I'd just get coffee. Decaf, at that. Then looked salivated at the menu, and while I absolutely LOVE all forms of food served at those wee early morning hours, my stomach and digestive system literally despise me for the rest of the day if I endulge in anything with grease or that's cooked (aside from eggs). So that is what I had, oatmeal (exciting, I know) and a hard-boiled egg and my decaf coffee. Our conversation relied heavily on MERSA and life in the midwest, because who doesn't talk about that during breakfast?!

It was a lot of fun to get together with the family though, I do love all the random, broad ranges of topics that we typically cover. I think the best part about breakfast was hearing compliments about Dust doing his job so well!

So, thanks to him, I can go eat breakfast on Labor Day while he invokes compliments that get directed to me! Gotta love this day!

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