Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Bakery

Cakes used to be my jam.  Now, I am testing out recipes nearly everyday for anything I can find on Pinterest that I have ingredients for in my house, including jam.  This is what happens when you have two 9 year-olds, homeschool, unlock a passion within them for creating something out of nothing, and have a penchant for creating 10,000 dishes to clean each day.

We turn it into math and science class as well.  How does yeast work?  If you need 3/4 cup and you only have a measuring cup for 1/4, what do you do?  Do you think the bagel dough will stay the same size when they are submerged in the water? What about when they bake?

My kids are amazing, realizing they are not limited by anything but their imaginations (and available ingredients).

So far, some of the best recipes we have tried:
 ~ dinner rolls (best I've ever had, seriously!),
 ~ bread,
 ~ graham crackers (not their favorite),
 ~ pumpkin dessert,
 ~ pumpkin chocolate chip cookies,
 ~ canned Italian plums/prunes,
 ~ grape jam,

 ~ strawberry jam, and
 ~ applesauce.

We currently make the dinner rolls a couple times a week because they are that good!

Last night, we tried cinnamon raisin bagels and devoured them. They were so good we made them again today (along with a baby bagel for the child obsessed with babies, see above) and the proof of deliciousness lies in the fact there are none left already.

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