Monday, August 31, 2009

Insurance Blunders

The ads on tv have sure got me thinking lately (scary thought, I know). BUT, with all of the insurance commercials out there, I've come up with my strategy for budgeting this next year.

We currently have insurance through State Farm (whom I like quite well by the way). However, those Geico commercials have nearly convinced me that I could have a wad of moolah with eyeballs on it and a good beat going if I switch to them. I'm going to guestimate it's about 3 hundy in that stack of bills. So already, I have 300 in my wallet in savings from insurance.

And THEN, I'll switch over to Allstate, because they promise an average savings of, and I quote, $473 a year when switching from Geico to Allstate. Uh-huh!

So basically they're gonna pay me to carry my insurance. Suh-weet!

That will do wonders for our budget... can you say hello to my new shopping spree?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Test your eyes

So, back when our family thought we only had one child on the way, Dusty and I had decided to tell our family in a unique way that we were also "expecting" another child. So we went out and bought two cabbage patch dolls. One was of the darker skin tone (we'll call it "Brownie"), and the other was of a much lighter tone (we'll call it "Past(r)y").

We put them both in our new double jogging stroller (my Christmas present!!) and strolled merrily into my sister's house and had fun watching the expressions on their faces when they figured out our surprise!

And now, we're still rolling in the laughter with Brownie and Past(r)y. I'd like to self-title this "Which ones are real??"
Maybe Grapenut got confused too, she looks a little scared!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My two front teeth

I had a playdate last week (with my sister and our friend, Maria) and was running, literally running, around the house trying to organize, pack, dress the kids, change their diapers, redress them, feed them, redress them, dress myself, and pack stuff up for some errands I needed to run all to make it there at 10... I barely made it on time at 11:30. Whoops.

When I was driving over to her place (after double checking that, yes, I did have BOTH kids in the car, phew!), I licked my teeth. And was met with fuzz. Oh MAN! I hate it when I forget to brush my teeth in the morning. You would think no one would forget that, but once you have a 7 month old and a 2 month old, life's normalities become novelties! Buuuuuut, at least it was 11 in the morning... if you get my drift.

I think the worst part about the whole yellow situation was that I was meeting two DENTIST'S WIVES!!!! Yikes.

Hello, Trident!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BEFORE and After

Well, it was extremely clear to me that I had retained a wee bit o water during my pregnancy. I'd like to say that ALL of my weight gain was solely water. No? Can't say that? Shoot! Well, let me try to justify then.

To further substantiate my claim to edema, I submit the following into evidence. Exhibit A is a picture of my feet during pregnancy. Oh, sorry, I mean my ginormous CANKLES!

And just so I can thoroughly prove my point, say hello to another flattering angle....

And now you know why: (a) I did NOT wear shorts; and (b) I didn't walk to induce labor. Cause I couldn't. So really, if thought about long enough, one might conclude that the amount of water retention combined with the doctor's order to stay laying down with my feet up could, I repeat COULD(!!!) have been the catalyst in the volume of extra pounds that were so lovingly packed onto my hips and therefore my friends, I can logically blame it all on the water retention. Oh I am so the daughter of a lawyer....

And now to further prove my point; I took a picture of my feet now. Hello ANKLES, welcome home!

I honestly didn't know if I would EVER see them again! And if you look closely enough, you can even see some veins.
Did you know that there are bones in your foot? I have just been reminded!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Names for children

Well, since both of our kids are already named (phew!), I was actually leaning toward giving them nicknames. I love reading blogs when they use cute, little nicknames for their kids.

I tuned into my most creative side and came up with absolutely nothing. And since I must be THAT pathetically uncreative, I asked Dust what I should call them. Other than cute as a button of course....

So without further ado... I introduce Queso. As strange as that sounds, it was between that, Milky, or Chocolate Milk. We like food here peoples! For the record, it does sort of make sense... at least to us, and really that's what counts. Isaiah's given name in Ethiopia (and also his first middle name) is Melkiso, and since that sorta sounds like queso, we went with it. Maybe a BIT of a stretch, but you'll just have to deal with it.

And as for our little Gaberlicious, she'll now be known as Grapenut. AGAIN, we. like. food. Okay?! (Do you think she knew in this picture that she was going to start losing her hair on the sides and was trying to protect it orrrrr is that what made it disappear? It remains a mystery.)

And since I couldn't pass up this picture (taken at the same time as the first pic), I thought I'd share what will probably grace our walls someday soon. I say probably because the likelihood that I think ahead enough to send this to the printer is HIGHLY unlikely. But we'll see.

Good thing I didn't show you a recent picture of them holding hands, because Queso could probably slice her right open with how freakishly long his fingernails are. Yee-ouch! I keep putting it on my to-do list everyday but it just never seems to get done... that and the dishes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

What not to forget

I realized I may be the most disorganized diaper bag packer ever. Maybe I'll actually type out a list of items needed, laminate it, and firmly affix one to each diaper bag.

Every time I leave with the kiddos I manage to forget at least 5 things. That's quite a bit when I'm only out of the house for 2 hours max.

On Monday we packed the kids in to go to Daddy's soccer game. I was all excited to use our new stroller while drinking my Costco mocha... trying to feel like a chic mama. And we get there as the sun is starting to descend. Which means no more sun. And no more warmth. And for a baby in a onesie and a baby in a dress... it may be just a WEE bit cold out. So off to the diaper bags to look for their warm clothes. Uhhhhh. Lil Lady only has another summer dress (cause I think ahead and all) and a couple more short-sleeved onesies. Mr. Ladies' Man has only a couple short-sleeved onesies.

I mutter under my breath that I should have remembered zip up hoodies. Well, it would help if they OWNED zip up hoodies. And pants, huh? Yeah, needless to say I'm a leetle bit scatterbrained.

So what's a Mama to do? Borrow a t-shirt from a fellow fan and have them wrap Lil Lady in it while I affix a onesie to each ARM of our Ladies' Man. Say what you will, but THEY. WERE. WARM. OKAY?!?!?!?

I'll probably get my act together when they're old enough to walk.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

School has begun

School started about 6 weeks ago when this little one entered our world at 6 lbs, 15 oz on June 25. We'll call her Lil Lady. And she LOVES to sleep like this (but her mean Mama makes her sleep swaddled so she sleeps longer).

Then 2 weeks ago our 6-month old lovely ladies' man entered our world on July 19 at 13 pounds. This is my first car ride with him... he smiles a lot!

Well, 2 kids and counting... literally counting: (1) down the hours of the day til nap time; (2) the number of minutes they are both happy and content; (3) the number of times I feed them each during the day... you get the picture.

I'm also learning other things as well:
-how to b-feed and bottle feed both babies at once
-how to pick up 2 screaming chill'ins and bounce on the side of the bed to calm them and in front of the fan to dry my own tears (only slightly joking with that one)
-how to eat every time I have even ONE spare minute and how there is absolutely no time to "prepare" any meal
-how people shouldn't complain about being busy when they only have one child
-what white noise is and that it is now my BEST friend because the kids don't wake each other up in the middle of the night!!!
-how I was completely excited to dress them up all cute but when it comes right down to it, the hour and a half I spent preparing to leave the house leaves cute outfits as an afterthought once we're already halfway to our destination
-how much a 6-month old can spit up
-how I constantly imagine hearing them crying in the other room when they're deep in their REM sleep
-how great it is that I can finally set down our 1-month old because she is now entertained with our 6-month old... phew my arms get a break!

Oh, and of course the complete and utter lack of patience I found I have after 10 full minutes of screaming... nothing like a child to make you stop and listen to yourself, well, when your eardrums start working again.

But overall, you'd think I'd be losing it at this point, it has gotten WORLDS better and is going quite well with both of them. They're already becoming friends, I can just tell... only soon to be enemies once they learn the word "mine".

But weirdest of all is that with all that's going on as a busy mother of two, I only NOW feel the desire to blog again... hmmm.

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