Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair Chopping

I tend to get asked a lot about Queso's hair.  The most popular question at this time happens to be: "When are you going to cut his hair?"  NE-VER!   Well maybe, but not now while I'm still trying to grow it out.  It's about 4 inches long right now... if I straightened it, it'd probably be about half way down his back.

Being one of those women who had never had:
1. a professional hair stylist cut my hair until I was in my 20s; and
2. layers added in (also not until my 20s),
you might expect that I would be the wrong one to take on the challenge of having my son grow out his african hair.

You'd be right.

UNTIL it got long enough for me to work with and inspiration hit.  I no longer have to cart him off to the Beauty School to throw away money to have cornrows that last less than a week.  YouTube has been my friend, and I have educated myself quite a bit on his hair.  I can now do semi-decent cornrows, and have had fun trying some new designs.  It's not great, but he loves them!

I'll journey through the process of his hair, tips and tricks for african boys' hairstyles, etc.  My simple google searches produced very little options in terms of ideas for longer, african hair on boys so I'll create my version of what I think is lacking.

Here's a picture back from when Queso was 1... and the huge volume of hair I had to work with.

If you'll notice, there were slight bald spots.  I wasn't ever quite sure if those would grow out evenly.  At this point in time, you'll notice how fuzzy his hair always was.  His hair is usually last priority as we race out the door to get somewhere 5 minutes late.

But this span of time gave me the opportunity to really look into what it takes to maintain a healthy head of african hair.  That's my mantra when I see pictures with no shine to his hair.  I will justify my lack of knowledge, energy, and ability....

To start (and I fail at this all the time), never let your little boy out of the house without a good spritz of oil/sheen/shine/etc.  African hair will look dried out and unmanaged if it doesn't gleam in the sunlight.

Next up, bonding over braids.

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