Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Baby Steps

A constant reminder for me lately has been about baby steps.  Not in the sense that I miss having newly toddling babies at my feet. More that the greatest lessons I have been learning have come and gone through baby steps.
When I look back at what we have been through in the last couple of years, I see the baby steps leading me to where we are at now.  The Bible constantly talks about baby steps: in trust, in faith, in finances, in trials, etc. 
In our lives, we have had a barrage of opportunities to recognize and see the continual progress we have made in many different areas of life. Bit by bit, my faith has been determined and founded; the persistence of one tiny step forward toward the goal has been foundational in my understanding of the sovereignty of God.  The trust I place in God has been instrumentally established as a result of the journey we are walking.  Our marriage has been at times a day by day practice, working on one thing at a time while we each work to change and recognize destructive behaviors in ourselves so that we might better contribute to our covenant relationship.  The financial path we have traveled has been full of ups and downs but when we abide by the truths of the Word, we see that to be wise with our money is to be wise through baby steps: to earn wealth bit by bit, when we are wise with a little than we can be trusted with a lot.
When we get overwhelmed with life, it is Biblically wise to take it step by step.  Take everything one step at a time. You may falter, you may fall, but keep getting back up and strive to take that next step.  And when you look back, you can see just how far you have traveled and grown.

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